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--Breaking News--

Hershey 2006 !  October for 8th Annual M.O.R.E. gathering at WWB 3.

At the 2006 Hershey, PA AACA National Fall meet we will once again have our annual meeting spot at a Bernie Healeys Buick Flea Market space in the White Field, WWB 3 at 4:30 pm each day Wednesday Oct 5, Thursday Oct 6, and Friday Oct 7, 2005.  On Friday Oct 7th, I will also be working at the B.C.A. tent in the white field WWB 1-3 between 8:00 and 10:00 .  On Saturday Oct. 8, 2005 should there be a Marquette on the show field, we can meet up there at 10:00 AM. I want to thank Bernie and his wife Joan for allowing us to have the meet at their space sharing their hospitality giving us a great location to rest our weary feet with the company of the BCA right next door (and if the weather is questionable maybe the BCA will let us slide into their tent)! Hope to see you all there again this year!!

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Last updated Sunday, April 23, 2006