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 on: April 20, 2013, 09:09:05 PM 
Started by pistorman - Last post by pistorman
I haven't posted in a while. Most of the chrome parts of the car have been sent for chroming. I was also able to find true 1929 Marquette color code cards with color sampling in order to reproduce the original colors. I also bought a new gasket kit from Olson's Gasket and the head was removed for valve work.

I expect to begin paint soon. There is minimal body work to be done, Just one fo the rear doors re-arched itself as it had been left open and it lightly warped. This will be some of an undertaking but there are no rust through holes nor body damage other than very few dings.

I am going to source material for the canvas top, and I have also determined where it will be sent for a full reuphosltery.

I need help in determining what carpentry/refinishing the wood needs.

As soon as I have pictures I will post up.

 on: April 20, 2013, 06:37:12 PM 
Started by KathyHolton - Last post by pistorman
I'd recommend to keep both. While facebook is great, I think some of us would rather just share the car photos here. I think the community needs some promotion. Maybe in the Vintage Buick forums AACA, etc? I'll post links to this forum where I can. Thank you.

 on: February 17, 2013, 10:29:27 PM 
Started by pistorman - Last post by pistorman
I found the car with one of the heirs of the estate of the second owner, a Mr. Thomas Earl Snowball (yes, that was his actual last name). Its original owner and Mr. Snowball were factory workers at the Buick plant in Flint, Michigan. When Mr. Snowball retired he moved from Goodrich, MI to near Rapid City, Michigan up North near in coasts of Torch Lake (near Lake Michigan) and the car remained there for many many years. According to Mr. Snowball's brother in law, Mr. Snowball would occasionally post the car for sale, he would have buyers lining up willing to pay the asking price and at some point prior to taking the monies, he would back out of selling it. He even recalls a time when they actually drove the car in town, title in pocket, ready to sell and transfer only to drive it back home. Mr. Snowball just could not part with it.

The car is a 1929 Buick Marquette (I believe it is a Model 37, it is a four door sedan). The VIN is: 15865

Its color has never been changed although repainting is necessary. It was what I believe to be a darker blue in the middle body and black bottom and top. The interior was finished in what I would call a Champagne colored mohair fabric.

Please, at any point comment and advice on correct color codes, options, etc. I have found a lot information regarding the mechanics and the body of the car but not much on the correct paint codes and interior.

My first view of the car when it arrived to Dallas, TX from Rapid City, MI in the early summer of 2012.

Its iconic "Marquette" grill badge. (More on this badge later).

Some views of the car:

Its engine:

Its cowl badge:

 on: February 17, 2013, 09:31:42 PM 
Started by pistorman - Last post by pistorman
Hello everyone. I have a 1929 Buick Marquette that I recently bought from the estate of its second owner. Its a car that belonged to two Buick plant workers and had never left the State of Michigan. Before I continue upon the car, I have a back story to tell about this restoration.

My Grandfather used to own a 1930 Buick 7 passenger, and it was my father's favorite and his first car as well. In 1964 when he and my mother married, the car had long been left as a fourth car that some of my younger uncles would drive around their neighborhood. Once my younger uncles started driving beyond the neighborhood streets, my grandfather deemed the Buick too much of a temptation for my younger uncles to drive on the speedways that were being built around the city for the upcoming 1968 Olympics and he promptly sold it. My father and mother then returned from their honeymoon in NYC and learned of the Buick's fate. My father has always spoken fondly of the car so I set out to find a proper 1930 Buick to restore for him.

I searched throughout only to learn that a majority of the 1930 Buicks available for sale were either in museum like condition yet in price ranges that fall "don't want to sell" category, or were well beyond the possibility of restoring properly. Many had been modified, or lacked a large amount of parts that really made the ordeal from being a fun one to a perhaps an impossible journey.

Finally, after a few years of searching, I came accross the 1929 Buick Marquette (four door sedan), all complete save for a few parts. In a very "restorable" condition.

Below is a picture of my Great Grandfather carrying my eldest Grand Uncle with my Grandfather's Buick behind them.

 on: February 17, 2013, 01:07:56 PM 
Started by KathyHolton - Last post by KathyHolton
Problems with this Board - Do we want a Facebook page instead?

I have gone in a adjusted some settings.  I hope everyone can now make a new topic.  Please let me know if there is anything else I need to look at.

Also let me know if you feel making a Facebook page would help be a more cohesive group.


 on: October 14, 2012, 11:19:34 AM 
Started by Marquette 1 - Last post by Marquette 1
There have been Thousands of Spam requests mostly out of the UK to join this site and spamertise about anything imaginable on this site!  If a "Real Person" would like to join all they have to do is send me a Marquette related e-mail with Marquette in the subject line to the e-mail below prior to joining on the site and I will approve you to be part of the Marquette Community when you join.  If your a spammer why even waste the time as I am going to moderate you out of existence.  If I don't receive a Marquette related e-mail you will not be authorized to join the group and for all who send the e-mail and join please expect a return e-mail within a couple days of your e-mail welcoming you to the community (I have a CRAZY SCHEDULE)!  

Thanks   Smiley

The Management ... Marquette 1

 on: October 14, 2012, 11:11:35 AM 
Started by Marquette 1 - Last post by Marquette 1
Vintage Reproductions from Queensland Australia has added some additional Marquette items to their growing catalog.  I have not seen a photo or pricing as of yet but I just received a post that they are available!

Here is the latest pricing on available Marquette Parts from Vintage Reproductions: 

MAQ-001 Step Plate Mat $42.00/ea  step plate surround found

MAQ-002 Interior door handle $98.00/ea

MAQ-003 window crank (window winder) handle $110.00/ea

MAQ-006 Foot rest floor arms $440.00/pair

MAQ-008 Rug Rail End $80.00/ea

MAQ-009 Rug Rail Swing Arm $98.00/ea
MAQ-010 Hubcap Wooden Wheel price Not Available At This Time contact company direct!

CHE-024 Exterior Door Handle Non-locking $110.00/ea

CHE-085 Exterior Door Handle Locking $310.00/ea

The additions to the catalog are are Polished Stainless Steel! 

Pricing is in Australian Dollars and shipping is going to be extra. 

Vintage Reproductions
P.O.Box 323, The Gap Qld Australia 4061
telephone + 61 7 33001130

 on: April 25, 2011, 08:52:26 PM 
Started by KathyHolton - Last post by KathyHolton
Hi Chris,

Do you have a Marquette?

 on: April 25, 2011, 01:09:13 AM 
Started by KathyHolton - Last post by chris34levy
Hope will enjoy Holidays 2011! What should be creative plans for these summer?

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