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Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts

Issue # 5 September, 1998

2nd Annual Hershey M.O.R.E. Gathering

Hershey 98! October 7-10

I can not believe it is already time for the Fall Hershey meet, there goes the summer, but at the 1998 Hershey AACA National Fall meet we will have a meeting location at John Aucoin & Companies Flea Market spot in the Chocolate field, CH 68-71: 4:30 pm Wednesday October 7 and Thursday October 8, 1998. I will once again have my Marquette picture book with me and my information books so stop by!  On Friday October 9, I will be working at the BCA tent in the white field WWB 1-3 between 8:00 and 10:00 AM then immediately following (weather permitting,) watching the race car endurance run in the stadium from the press booth.  On Saturday October 10, 1998 should there be a Marquette on the show field, we can meet up there at 11:00 AM.  I want to thank John and his friends once again for their great hospitality, giving us a great location to rest our weary feet.

Marquette Making Headlines

I would like to congratulate Ernst Hillenbrand on his model 34 being chosen to be photographed and included in an article on Marquettes in Automobile Quarterly. It was great seeing the Marquette logo embossed on the back cover of this fine publication. The actual issue is volume 37, Issue #3. Ernst has also earned his AACA 1st place Grand National with this car during the summer of 98, so it was an excellent example to be used is this article. I can not wait for my copy of this issue to be delivered!

Welcome New Members

I want to welcome and introduce some new members to our group:

Dick Dogger, Model 36 Business Coupe, PO Box 232, Culver IN 46511 USA

Todd and Kristin Wright, Model 36S Sport Coupe (1 of 121 built for export,) 17 Falconglen Place, Ferry Grove 4055 Queensland, Australia (Also gathering parts for a 35 Pheaton.) The Wrights have a long history on this car and it was not sold as a new car until 1934 in New Zealand! It has been in their family since 1947 being purchased by Todd`s Grandfather.

One of the most photographed Marquettes has a new owner

The car formerly owned by Blair Davidson, a Model 34 Sport Roadster and featured in at least 2 magazine articles:  April/May 1973 Special Interest Auto # 16 (Reprint still available) and in Buick Illustrated (unknown date) has a new owner Michael Lebovic, 39 Bovair Trial, Aurora, Ontario L4G 7C8 Canada.  This car was also a AACA Senior first place winner back in the 1970`s and sounds like it has been preserved very well since then, but had disappeared from our list.  I am awaiting more information on this car from its new owner.

Reproduction Parts

Running board trim (4 pieces outside, inside and both ends,) and running board rubber material are available through: L&L Antique Auto Trim, 403 Spruce, PO box 177 Pierce City, MO 65723, 417-476-2871 (Thanks to John Norman for the tip)

Sal Canzoneri has rough cast, reproduction headlight/throttle levers (cast in bronze.) Sal's address is 3957 Beechwood Place, Seaford NY 11783-2026.  Sal also has the front bumper clamp cast for anyone interested.

Joe Krepps has a reproduction front rubber floor mat (appears to fit any closed car.)  If we can get at least 10 orders he will reproduce for us!  His address is 2486 Pacer Lane South, Cocoa, FL.   32926 e-mail is buicknut@aol.com

I will be checking on the door handles, wood wheel hubcaps and running board step plates that Bill Wood was working on with a casting company in North Eastern NY, before he passed away early this past Spring, more to follow. I will at least have one of the step plates with me at Hershey so that it can be seen.

Ernst Hillenbrand 405 E State St., Freemont OH 43420-4256, also has reproduction wire wheel hubcaps (1 full set of 6) as well as the cast to make more. After talking with Ernst at the AACA Special Eastern Fall meet in Amherst NY last week. He may have one of these hubcaps with him at our meet at Hershey, so anyone interested can see it. This year Ernst will have his cream and tan 1930 Model 734 Packard Roadster with him at Hershey, looking for his Senior award, so keep an eye out for this beautiful and rare car.

Does anyone else have anything to add to this list?

Marquettes in the UK part 1

Article submitted by former (and hopefully future) Australian Marquette owner Paul Young:

The Marquette was first introduced to the UK motoring public on August 13, 1929 in a two page descriptive article in "The Motor", a popular motorists journal of the time. Not to be outdone, the rival Autocar publication of August 16, 1929 also produced a one page story which included pictures of the Sportsmans Coupe and four door fabric saloon-both body styles being unique to the English market. At the Olympia Motor Show in October of 1929, yet another unique body style entered the scene-this time a coupe in a style that would have been know as a Cabriolet Coupe had it been made in America; ie rumble seat, folding top and glass windows in each of the two front doors. This particular example had coach work by Progressive, who also did bodies on Buicks. It is thought that the one example as pictured in the Autocar of October 25th was the only one made, and fortunately it has survived and is in restored condition in Yorkshire (England.) >Exceptional acceleration and very effective brakes< was the verdict of a road test carried out on a 4 door saloon with leather upholstery by the motor magazine on November 19th 1929 on a vehicle bearing registration MY 9882.

Potential buyers could by their Marquettes from General Motors LTD Edgware Rd, The Hyde, Hendon, London W9. A price list effective 12th August 1929 gave the following options:

Chassis E250
5 passenger Tourer E350
2 seater Roadster (with dickey) E350
5 Pass. saloon 2 dr E355
5 Pass. Saloon 4 dr Velour Uphol. E375
5 Pass. Saloon 4 dr Leather Uphol. E385
5 Pass. Fabric Saloon 4 dr E395
Sportsmans Coupe E425

Part 2 in Issue #6 of M.O.R.E. Thanks again Paul!

For Sale

"1929" Buick Marquette Model 36
Roger Clark, 718 S. Walnut, Seymour, IN 47274 Phone #: 812-522-5945
$14,000.00 spare parts and literature included.

1930 Marquette Business Coupe Model 36.
In good condition repainted cream and brown, reupholstered, motor overhauled.
Dick Dugger, PO Box 232, Culver  IN  46511
Phone #: 219-842-2770
e-mail: 103471.2040@compuserve.com

1930 Series 30 2 dr. sedan doors in excellent condition. One full set of wire wheel hubcaps (reproduction) set of six. Ernst also has the cast to make additional sets. He also states he may be interested in selling one of his two roadsters, a model 34 and a 34X. Both AACA Grand National First Place Winners.
Ernst Hillenbrand, 405 E State St., Freemont OH 43420-4256


Your help!  I need more information, articles, stories etc. Hope to see you at Hershey `98, Don Holton!

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